Hi! I'm Kelsey and I'm a visual artist specializing in narrative lifestyle and wedding photography. Creating is my biggest passion to be working in this field is quite literally a dream come true. I've been an artist my whole life, studied so many mediums over the years but I love the collaborative aspect of photography so much that I can't imagine doing anything else!

And here's a little Bit About me.

Hey there, I'm kelsey.

fashion and other projects, weddings and couples have always been a passion of mine and I love the people I'm able to meet along the way. I feel incredibly lucky to do something I truly love for a living. My lab-mix Olive runs my life and that’s just fine by me. I love traveling to new places and trying all types of food and drinks while I’m there. Beyond my amazing friends and family, I thrive on French fries, Netflix, and yoga pants and, yes, all three at the same time is ideal! 

I studied photography at Orange Coast College, earned my Certificate of Photography in 2012 then, with every intention of studying Business, found my way back to the arts and graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Photography from California State University of Fullerton in 2014. What can I say – I know what I like! My best friend from college got me into shooting weddings so I’ve been in the field for about 10 years – wild! Although I love shooting


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weddings I take a yr.


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"if you can make me laugh, we're probably going to be friends"

not taking myself too seriously is my superpower

my sweet boyfriend,

my super supportive family & friends

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a few of my favorite things.

"She is an exceptionally talented photographer & captured some of the most incredible memories of our engagement and wedding. My husband & I are a bit goofy and were initially worried about taking “awkward” wedding photos but after meeting Kelsey, we knew that we had nothing to worry about! She made us feel comfortable, laughed with us & ultimately snapped some of the most beautiful, natural pictures!"

"Where do we even begin? Our experience with Kelsey was above and beyond!"


Sally & Jon

“We’re so happy she was able to take our engagement and wedding day photos. If you’re looking for a super nice photographer who’s easy to work with and takes amazing photos, Kelsey is your go-to. She did such a great job capturing our special day and we can now cherish those memories forever. Thank you Kelsey!!!”

"Asking Kelsey to be our photographer was such a great decision."

“The pre-wedding prep was flawless, we planned out all the photos we needed and also all the ones we wanted. I would 100% recommend Kelsey to all brides or anyone looking for photos. Her editing style is modern but also timeless!!! She made my husband and myself feel comfortable and confident!”

"We absolutely love Kelsey! Working with her was amazing!"


Joia & garY

“Originally we hired her to capture our wedding and as life keeps moving along, we keep coming back to Kelsey! Her beautiful quality photos speak for themselves, and her creative/kind/warm nature is what puts her as #1. She has a way of being in the mix and capturing everything you hope she does, but in such a gentle manner that no one ever feels a camera in their face.”

We are so grateful to have Kelsey as our go-to photographer

Jonathan & Clarissa

"She responded to emails so quickly and was willing to help us brainstorm when it came to picking the perfect location. Kelsey made us feel so comfortable during the photoshoot itself, which helped my husband and I capture so many genuine, natural moments together. We were so happy with our experience with Kelsey, and would recommend her in a heartbeat."

"Working with Kelsey
was a dream."