Hi! I'm Kelsey and I'm a visual artist specializing in narrative lifestyle and wedding photography. Creating is my biggest passion to be working in this field is quite literally a dream come true. I've been an artist my whole life, studied so many mediums over the years but I love the collaborative aspect of photography so much that I can't imagine doing anything else!

And here's a little on what I'm all about.

Hey there, I'm kelsey.

encouragement. Jared is also a full-time PT student and a bartender so, naturally, we take full advantage of his cocktail-making skills on our date nights! Our lab-mix, Olive, is the neediest dog in the world but we're obsessed with her so it works for us. Beyond my little family, I thrive on French fries, Netflix, and yoga pants and, yes, all three at the same time is ideal! 

I studied photography at Orange Coast College, earned my Certificate of Photography in 2012 then, with every intention of studying Business, found my way back to the arts and graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Photography from California State University of Fullerton in 2014. What can I say – I know what I like! I married my best friend of 7 years in 2016 and Jared is just the most caring person I know. I could not be doing this work without his


cans of daily coke zero


weddings I take a yr.


countries I've visited

"One of my biggest life goals is to laugh as often as possible"

not taking myself too seriously is my superpower

dancing at weddings,
especially ours

my super supportive family & friends
(featuring my cute parents)

red, white, rose
and prosecco

olive!! our sweet

my cute husband,

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a few of my favorite things.

– Aileen Klein, AOK Clay Earrings

“My earrings weren’t being showcased the way I wanted them to be. Kelsey worked her magic and OMG!! Still so in love with the photos of my earrings! The edit and vision was exactly what I was looking for!” 

“Still so in love!"

— Taylor Carr, Writer/Blogger

"We have so much fun and I actually enjoy being in pictures. I remember us both getting excited about the shots as I was posing, and her excitement really helped me feel good and comfortable. I love being photographed by her, it was such a fun, and exciting experience!”

“I absolutely love shooting with Kelsey. She makes me feel so beautiful, special, and valued."

— Natalia Crawford, Founder/Editor-in-Chief of She Leads Daily Magazine

"She took our brand idea and turned it into a reality with her expertise. She is professional, friendly and went above and beyond to ensure that everything turned out perfectly!”

“Kelsey was able to take a vision I have had for years and make it come to life."